News and Brags 2011

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Nov. 20 Pink- takes RWB under judge George Vukich breeder/owner handled, Jakob takes RWD handled by Brian Glanzer

Oct. 30 Pink- takes WB/BOW/ BOS for a 4 pt major under judge Norman Kenney from the bredby class

Sept. 18  Fergie- Crystal Winds Watch What I Got took 3rd in Open red Merle at the ASC of MI Nationals pre- Show - shown by newcommer Tammy Woods

Sep 18 Jakob takes WD/ BOS  under judge Pat Taylor and Deja took RWB- shown by Brian again.

Sep 17 Jakob takes WD/ BOW/ BOB under judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza shown by Brian Glanzer, Deja- took RWB in her silly acting debut ( needs some more outings for sure)

Aug 19 London takes WB/ BOW/ BOB under judge George Vukich shown by Jackie Johnson

Aug 7  London takes WB/ BOS under judge Prof. Douglas Taylor shown by Jodi Dovel

Aug 6  London takes WB/ BOW/ BOS under judge KeKe Kahn shown by Jodi Dovel

July 24 Natalie takes WB/BOW under judge Marge Stovall shown by Brian Glanzer for a major in altered.  Natalie is Crystal Winds Kiss Me! ( Sam Adams X Chanel) daughter owned and loved by Mark & Kim Pettit

July 17  London takes WB, BOS under judge Sam Houston McDonald shown by Jackie Steinmetz

July 16  London takes WB, BOW, BOB under judge Joy Brewster shown by Jackies mom- Terri Steinmetz

July 15 London takes WB, BOS under judge Mrs. Lowell K ( Arlene) Davis shown by Jackie Steinmetz

June 26 Jakob takes WD/BOW handled by Brian and P!nk takes RWB owner handled under judge Dana Cline

June 25  Jakob takes WD/ BOW handled by Brian  under judge Roberta Campbell

June 5 P!nk takes WB for 2 pts owner handled and Jakob takes RWD handled by Brian Glanzer

June 4- Ava takes WB for 2 pts handled by Brian under judge Linda C. More

June 3- P!nk  takes WB- owner handled, Ava takes RWB and Jakob takes RWD handled by Brian Glanzer under judge Jon Cole

May 15  Pink takes RWB under judge Jon Cole- owner handled

May 1 Pink takes RWB under judge Francine Schwartz - owner handled

Feb 26 Ava takes WB for a 5 point major under judge Dr.Robert Smith from the amateur owner handler class shown by her jr co-owner Lydia Goiffon and also Best Am Owned/handled Aussie.

Jan 30  Jakob takes RWD to the major under judge Donovan Thompson

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