News and Brags 2016

Dec 31-Jan 1 Glitter finished her AKC Herding started Sheep on Saturday and got her 1st leg and a 2nd place on started Ducks in GA and 25 days pregnant- handled by Stacey Hayes-  Glitter is AKC CH Crystal Winds All Glitz! DNA-VP STDsd, HSAS ( Jakob x Danica)

Jan 6,7,8- Hugh went to his first ABHA trial  with 3 runs in Started Sheep - got 3 Q's with scores of 87/90 2nd place, 71/90 and 84/90 for his HTAD1-s and 3 runs on Geese 3 Q's 77, 80 and 66 for his HTAD1-ge handled by Megan Sims Kennedy Hugh is ( Jakob x London)

Jan.20-22 Hugh did an AKC Herding trial 6 runs ( HSAd and HSAs) and 6 Q's and placements and 2 new titles trained and handled by Megan Sims Kennedy

Jan19. Groovy ( Jakob x London) RWB under Mr. Neilson shown by Stacey Hayes

Jan. 21 Tap ( Sam Adams X Cindy) WD/BW under Jerry Watson shown by Hope Anzalone

Jan.22 Tap takes WD/BW under David Jay Hyman shown by Hope Anzalone

Jan 27 Groovy WB under judge Richard Lewis  shown by Stacey Hayes

Jan. 28 Hugh RN Q x 2 finished his RN trained and handled by Shawna Davis

Jan 29 Hugh entered in beginner novice obedience Q's x 2

Feb 3 Hugh entered ASCA Open Geese Q-with a 94 and 3rd place

Feb 4 Hugh Open Geese Q with a 90 /4th place

Feb 7 Glitters Malcolm puppies born

Feb 17 Hugh -ASCA Open Geese course F 116/ 3rd place

Feb 18 Hugh ASCA Open Geese 109/ 2nd place

Feb 22 Groovy RWB under Debra Long Gshwender  show 1 and WB show 2 under Rick Gshwender shown by Stacey Hayes

Feb 25 Hugh - ASCA Rally Advanced with Shawna Davis- Q

Feb 26 Hugh ASCA Beginner Novice obedience- Q'd and Finished with Shawna Davis

Mar 11 Groovy WB under Ms. Paquette shown by Stacey Hayes

Mar 12 Groovy WB under Mr. Krishnan shown by Stacey Hayes

Mar 18 Groovy WB/BOW under Sulie Greendale Paveza shown  by Stacey Hayes

Mar 19 Groovy WB under Frederico Fernandez

Mar 31 Hugh  ASCA RA Q x2 4th and 3rd - new title

Apr 1 Hugh RE move up Q

Apr 2 Groovy WB- ASCA under judge Carl Vitner shown by Kyliee Kikoyama

Apr 8 Groovy AKC trial- HT Q

Apr 8 Lexi ( Jakob x Laya) WB/BOW for a 3 point major owned and shown by Jenna Vermette under Sulie Greendale Paveza

Apr 9 Tap ( Sam Adams x Cindy) WD/BOW for 3 point major shown by Hope Anzalone owned by Jenna Vermette/ Emmy Adasiewicz/ Hope Anzalone under Barbara Pessina 

May 6 Enzo ~(Malcolm x Glitter) BOSp at the TN ASC show under Richard Mullen with a  good sized entry shown by Stacey Hayes and owned by Kimberly Waldron/ Jodi Dovel and Stacey Hayes

May 7 Enzo BOBp under Janet White shown by Stacey Hayes

May 10 Dior (Post-it x Coco)  took RWB under Joe Gregory shown By Stacey Hayes

May 11 Dior ~ WB/ BOW  under Polly Smith Shown by Stacey Hayes

May 13 Dior~ WB/ BOW under Jerry Watson shown by Stacey Hayes

May 15 Glitter~ USASA Nationals- Started Ducks Q with a 86

May 17 USASA  Nationals~  Kuma- Crystal Winds Fair Shake- 2nd in Am bred dogs,  London~ Ch Crystal Winds Bootie Shake took 2nd in Brood Bitch represented by Kuma and Hugh shown by Hope Anzalone, Stacey Hayes and Sunni Scalici.

May 20 Kenzie (Post-it Flutter) takes WB/BOW/BOS for her first point in Canada shown by Jill Mulligan and owned by Jodi Dovel/ Jill Mulligan

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