News and Brags 2015




Feb 15  am show Flutter takes WB under judge Gail Forsythe ( DD not entered) shown by Jill Mulligan

PM show D.D takes WB/ BOW and Best puppy ( didn't stay for puppy group- long drive home) under judge Alan Bennett shown by Jodi .  Flutter took RWB shown by Jill. 

Wyatt ~ Crystal Winds Why Not? ( Sam Adams x Deja) took WD shown by Tammy Sawatzky.



Feb 14 DD (Dirt Devil)~ Terra-Blue Utopia@ Crystal Winds ( Sam Adams X Cindy) made her Canadian Debut and takes WB/ BOS over specials and Best Puppy ( didn't get to play in puppy group as the German Shepherd puppy won the Herding group) Shown By Jodi under judge Sandy Alexander) and Flutter~ Terra-Blue B Still My Heart ( Arto x Cindy)  took RWB shown by Jill Mulligan.

ASCA show in the evening- DD takes RWB under James Ham


January  Dyson takes HIT ( High in trial Novice) at the UMASC agility trial and moves up to Open in the same weekend and adds more Q's and placements ( having trouble keeping up with all his placements!! :-) Owned trained and handled by Heather Remme!


January 16 ~ Phoebe- Terra-Blue Kissed by Crystal Winds ( Sam Adams x Cindy Lou) take BOB and herding group 3 in the large herding group entry at the sanctioned Match owned and shown by Dee Ann Nelson.

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