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Nov 15 Tease- ( Crystal Winds Just A Kiss!~ Sam Adams x Deja)  Took BOS over 8 specials at the CNASA Aussie Specialty handled by Donna Bernier under breeder judge Anna Hewson

Nov. 14-15 Flutter ( Terra-Blue B Still My Heart) entered her 1st show and got RWB shown by Donna Bernier she also got RWB at the 2nd show Sat.

Nov. 15-16 Fuego/ Allie - ( Jakob x Laya) bred bredby Emmy Adasiewicz and co-owned by Doreen Sheehan entered her first ASCA trial In Novice jumpers and got a 1st and a 2nd and her Nov jumpers title

Nov. 15-16 Dyson- take High in Trial Novice with 7 firsts, 2 2nds and a 3rd in ASCA ( he has all his Novice titles)Dyson is ( Lance X Chanel)

Oct. 11 Tuckerman Terra-Blue Red Diamond of Crystal Winds took BOBp at Harvest Moon Mania ( Tuckerman is another (Sam Adams X Cindy Lou) baby- he is Owned by Waggin' Trails Aussies and shown by Morgan Campbell

Oct 11, Dysons 2nd agility trial and 3 new titles! 5 runs and 4 1sts and a 2nd. Novice titles in regular, gamblers and jumpers. owned handled & trained by Heather Remme.
Tap takes BOBpuppy ASCA owned and shown by Emmy Adaisiewicz Tap is (Sam Adams x Cindy Lou) under breeder judge Jennifer Cannon.

Aug 10 Dakotah takes WD under judge Andrea Georgi shown by Tina Harbert photo right minus his hair
 Aug.2 Dyson- Crystal Winds Heartbreaker -and owner/ handler Heather Remme went to their first Agility trial (ASCA)and took 2nd in Nov. Gamblers, 1st in Nov. Standard and 1st in Nov. Jumpers with a large entry! She only entered 1 class each because she wasn't sure if he would do ok - this will be a team to watch!! (Dyson is a Chanel son)-

Jul 27 Dakotah~ Crystal Winds Dakotah von Adler Acres took WD/BOS under judge Robert Stein shown by Rhonda Diercks

Jul 26 Angel- Crystal Winds Angel Spirit- Jakob X Fendi owned by Bette Bugiel earned her TDI
Jul 26 Tease~ takes WB/BOW to finish her championship shown by Justin Young and BOBp and BPIG again

Jul 25 Tease~ Crystal Winds Just A Kiss! takes WB/ BOBp/ BPIG/ Shown by Justin Young
Post-It OFA Hips GOOD Elbows - Normal

Eye CERFS all clear-perfect for Jakob, London, and Glitter

Jun 22 Am WD and pm WD - Tease am WB/BOW & pm WB/BOW

Jun 21 Am Wyatt RWD, Tease not in am, PM Wyatt WD, Tease WB/ BOW
Jun 20 Am- Wyatt- WD, PM WD/BOS over specials, PM- Tease RWB Shown by Donna Bernier-Graham and Carolyn
Eye CERFs all clear- perfect for Coco, Sam Adams and Post-it
Coco OFA's come back OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal

May 31 P!nk Take WB, BOS to finish her AKC Championship all points from bredby and Coco makes her AKC debut with a RWB shown by Denise Keller under judge Bill Edwards.

Apr 19 Cristalle takes RWB under judge Merle Taylor

Apr 13 Tease~ Crystal Winds Just A Kiss!  (owned by Janis McCarthy- co-owned by CW) takes WB, BOW, BOS shown by Carolyn, and Wyatt~ Crystal Winds Why Not takes WD owned and shown by Donna Bernier-graham and co-owned by Crystal Winds.

Apr. 12 Cindy Lou Who whelped an all red litter sired by Sam Adams at Terra-Blue Aussies in Mass. 2 RMM, 2RTM, 1RTF, 2RMF

Apr. 11 Riley whelped 4 chunky Jakob puppies 2 btm 2 btf- this litter is in Illinois

Apr. 1-3 We had a great Nationals- Scandal took 3rd in 12-15 Sweeps shown by Rhonda Diercks under breeder judge Susan Landry-Whiticar.  Post-it took 4th in Am-bred under judge Houston Clark shown by Rhonda Diercks.  Cristalle took 3rd in a huge Open Blue class shown by Jodi under judge Steven Gladstone

 Mar.30 Scandal takes RWB under judge Ken Buxton shown by Tina Harbert

Mar.21, 22 Coco~ Crystal Winds Chanel No. 5 takes WB/BOW/ BOS to finish her Canadian Championship and takes the same the next 2 shows, left in the classes to hold the points.  Shown by Donna Bernier-Graham 

Feb.8 Scandal~ Crystal Winds Stolen Moments takes RWB just shy of a major under judge Dana Cline, shown by Tina Harbert

Feb. 7 Scandal takes RWB under judge jon Cole shown by Tina Harbert

January 19 Cristalle takes WB under judge Ann Schilling Gray for a 5 point major breeder /owner handled at the USASA Specialty Cluster (Oakland all breed) in Michigan

January 16 Post-it takes WD under breeder judge Susan Landry Whiticar  for a 5 point major shown by Rhonda  Diercks at the USASA Specialty cluster ( Livonia All breed) in Michigan.

January 4- Post -it takes WD/ BOW under Mary Murphy-East shown by Rhonda Diercks


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