News and Brags 2013

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Nov. 23 Cristalle takes RWB to a major under judge Ginny Altman breeder owner handled


Nov. 17 Coco takes WB/BOW under judge Cheryl Paterson handled by Donna

Nov.16 Coco takes WB at the All breed under judge Sue Ellyn Rempel handled by Donna

Nov. 16 Coco takes RWB at the CNASA Aussie Specialty under judge Glen Stark , handled by Donna Bernier-Graham

Nov. 15 Post-It take WD/BOW under judge Robert Shreve handled by Rhonda Diercks

Nov. 9 P!nk takes RWB under Linn Klingel-Brown

Oct. 27 Cristalle takes WB under judge Vincent T Grosso breeder handled

Oct. 20 Post-It takes RWD under Barbara Dempsey-Alderman shown by Rhonda Diercks

Oct. 6 Post-It takes RWD under judge Fred Wilhauck shown by Rhonda Diercks

Oct. 5 Post-it takes RWD under judge James Fredriksen Shown by Rhonda Diercks

Oct. 4 Deja whelped  puppies sired by Sam from the 4th to the 5th 

Sep. 22  Post-It takes WD under judge Teddy McDowell shown by Rhonda Diercks

Sep.21 Coco takes WB/ BOS under judge Mary White am show and WB/ BOW/ BOB in the PM show under judge Javier Ramirez-Gomez shown by Donna 

Sep. 21 Post-It takes RWD shown by Rhonda under judge Janet Sinclair in a rains/windstorm :-)

Sep. 20  Am show Coco~ Crystal Winds Chanel No.5 takes WB/ BOW/ BOB under judge Martin Doherty and PM show Coco takes WB/ BOW/ BOB under judge Edward McDonald shown by Donna Bernier- Graham

Sep. 15 Post-It take RWD shown by Rhonda under judge Deborah Anthony

Sep. 14 Post-It takes WD/ BOW/BOB shown by Rhonda Diercks  under judge David Anthony

Sep. 14 Glitter takes a Select Bitch toward her Grand Championship breeder owner handled Under George Vukich

Sep. 2 Post-It takes RWD in ASCA under breeder judge Sheila Hall , shown by Rhonda Diercks

Aug. 24 Cristalle~ Crystal Winds Chanel Cristalle takes RWB under judge Wendy Schira handled by Tina Harbert

Aug. 4 Glitter Takes BOB/BOH ( we didn't stay for groups) under judge Robert Shreve and

Post-It~ Headlines Got The Message takes WD/ BOS his first weekend out Under Robert Shreve  owner handled

Aug. 3 Glitter takes BOB/ BOH/BBBY under judge Paula Hartinger and Bredby Group 3

Aug. 2  Glitter takes WB/ BOW/ BOB/ BOH to finish her AKC championship under judge Roger Hartinger breeder/owner handled and a BOH grp 2 under Paula Hartinger

July 11 Glitter take WB/BOW/BOS for 2 pts under judge Steven Gladstone- just needs a single to finish, breeder /owner /handled

May 11 Glitter takes WB for a major under judge Peter Machlen, breeder /owner handled.

Apr. 21 London takes WB /BOW /BOS for a major to finish her AKC Championship owner handled, Glitter takes RWB to the major, Handled by Tina Harbert  Under judge Robert Stein.

Apr 13 Glitter takes WB/ BOW for a 4pt major under judge Lawrence Stanbridge shown by Leslie

April 7 Glitter takes RWB under judge Eileen Hollings

Apr 6  Glitter takes RWB under judge Jon Cole

Mar 31 Glitter takes RWB under Lloyd Graser shown by Tina Harbert

Mar. 30 P!nk take WB/BOS for 2 points - breeder /owner handled under judge Steven Gladstone

Feb 8 Glitter takes Reserve to the Major under judge Albert Bianchi handled by Tina Harbert

Feb 3  Glitter takes WB for a Major handled by Tina Harbert under judge Janet Robinson-  photo coming

Jan. 27 London takes WB/ BOW Best of Breed over 3 specials for a major- owner handled under judge Pat Trotter, photo coming  Jakob was RWD

Jan. 26 Jakob takes RWD under judge George Vukich

Jan. 25 Jakob takes Reserve to the Major under Mrs. 

Robert Forsyth
London takes RWB to the major , owner handled


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