News and Brags 2010


 Nov. 20 Pink takes RWB to the major under judge Mrs. Polly Smith

Oct. 31  Sam Adams takes WD under judge Dany Canino for a  (finally)3 point major to finish.

Oct. 29  Sam Adams takes WD under judge Donald Booxbaum for another 2 pts.

Oct. 22-25 Jewel- Crystal Winds Hello Gorgeous! 1 day over 6months takes RWB X 4 under judges Ms Annella Cooper, Mrs. Judi Bendt, Jon Cole, & Pat Hastings owned & shown by Lydia Goiffon - co-owned by Crystal Winds

Sep. 6 London takes RWB under judge June Penta

Sep. 3 London takes RWB under judge Linnea Klingel

Aug. 29 Jakob takes RWD under judge Lydia Hutchinson

Aug. 8 Hawkeye takes RWD under judge Judi Bendt

Aug. 7  Hawkeye takes RWD and Danica takes RWB under Janet Sinclair

Aug. 6 Hawkeye takes WD, Pink takes RWB Best of Breed Puppy and herding group 2 under Jane Kay

Aug. 5 Pink  takes RWB and Hawkeye takes RWD under Chuck Murray

Aug. 3 London takes WB, BOW under judge Brian Meyer

Aug. 1 Sam takes RWD to 4 point major under judge Karen Martin

July 24 Jakob takes RWD under judge Raymond Filburn

July 17 Jakob takes RWD under judge Merle Taylor

July 11 Jakob takes WD under judge Joe Holava

July 4 Pink takes WB, BOS under judge Charles Trotter

July 3 Danica takes RWB under Judge Col. Joe Purkhiser

July 3 Pink takes RWB, BOBp and Puppy Herding Group 1 under judge Arley Hussin

July 3  Jakob takes RWD under judge Arley Hussin

June 18 2nd show Hawkeye takes WD, BOW to finish his CKC Championship

June 18 1st Show-Hawkeye Takes WD, BOW, BOB over specials.

June 5 Sam Adams takes RWD to a 4 point major under judge Shelley Hennessy

June 4 Sam Adams takes WD, BOS and Pink takes RWB to the major under judge Tammy Johnston  (AKC)

May 29 Fendi- takes RWB - ASCA under judge Jan Mattson- 26 bitch entry.

May 29  Jakob- Crystal Winds Bring It! (Aidan X Chanel) took WD, BOS under judge Lester Mapes from 6-9 puppy AKC

May 24 Hawkeye ( Aidan X Flury)  WD, BOW, BOB shown by Katherina Dueck  CKC

May 23 Fergie (Killian X Cleo)  took RWB under judge Virginia Lyne  AKC

May 22 Fergie- (Killian X Cleo) took RWB under judge Lee Canalizo shown by Judy Van Der Steen

May 8 -Fendi- Calais Carolina Hot Damn I Am!  Took WB, BOW, BOS at the CASA show ( ASCA) shown by Selena Poplin under Breeder Judge Janet White

May 7 - Hawkeye- JFCoventry Lock and Load ( Aidan X Flury)  Took WD, BOW at the Mid-Canada show (CKC)

May 2  Pink-  Crystal Winds So What??  takes RWB her first time in the ring under judge Paula Hartinger shown by Jodi  (AKC)

Apr 24  Fergie ( Killian x Cleo) takes RWB under judge Eric Ringle shown by Judy Van Der Steen

Mar 28  Hawkeye ( Aidan X Flury) takes BOB, WD, BOW  at Northwinds

Mar 27 Jakob  ( Aidan X Chanel) takes BOB and Herding Group2 in nice competition at his first show/match.

Mar 21 Fergie  ( Killian X Cleo) takes a Reserve to the 5 point major under breeder judge Ronnie Bates shown by Kelly Hatton

Mar 20 Fergie _ ( Killian x Cleo) Crystal Winds Watch What I Got!  takes a 5pt major in ASCA under breeder judge Paula McDermid shown by Kelly Hatton

Feb 27  Sam ( Killian  x Cleo) takes RWD again to a 5 pt major under judge Robert Slay

Feb 26  Sam Adams takes RWD to a 5 point major under judge Charles Trotter

Jan 28  Danica  ( Killian x Cleo) takes WB, BOS  for 2 points - just shy of a major under judge James Malloney

Jan 8 at Land O Lakes ( Northstar Herding Specialty)  Sam Adams takes RWD to a 4 pt major ( so close....)

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