News and Brags 2009

Nov 28  Danica takes WB, BOW shown by Jodi Under judge Prof. Douglas Taylor

Nov 22  Sam Adams  takes RWD shown by Jodi under judge Klaus Anselm 

Oct 18 Ava takes RWB shown by Ellie Goiffon under judge Alice Inman

Oct 17  Molly ( Crystal Winds I Think I Love You) RWB to the major owned by the Goiffons and shown by Lydia Goiffon under judge Dr. Carol Moser -White

Oct 16  Sam Adams RWD to the major and Danica RWB both shown by Jodi under judge Nancy Schafer-Smith 

Oct. 15 Danica takes WB, BOW, BOS for a major under judge Charles Trotter shown by Jodi photo coming

Oct. 6 Chanel whelped her Aidan babies

Sept. 26  Sam Adams takes RWD to major at the Monroe KC show supported entry - shown by Jodi under judge Debra Wilkins

Sept 13 Danica WB under Dale Simmons shown by Dave Slattum

Sept 13 Chanel RWB under Mareth Kipp shown by Jodi ( RRVASC)

Sept 12 Danica RWB under judge Donovan Thompson

Sept 12 Sam Adams goes RWD under Emmy Adasiewicz (RRVASC) shown by Jodi

Sept 12  Chanel goes RWB under Summer Jewel Fuls (RRVASC) shown by Kelly  Hatton

Aug. 22 Sam goes WD under Roger Hartinger ( just shy of the major) KC shown by Jodi

Aug. 2  Sam Adams takes RWD to the major under judge Arley Hussin

Aug. 1  Ava Gardner takes RWB to the major under judge Sue Ellen Rempel

July 31st  London takes BOBp Grp 1 under judge Robert Caswell

July 12  London takes WB, BOS- 1st weekend out shown by Jodi- under judge Paula Hartinger

July 11 Sam Adams Take WD, BOW shown by Jodi under Roger Hartinger

July 11  Ava takes RWB under judge Jean Fournier

July 10 Ava takes RWB under James Reynolds

July 9  Ava takes RWB under Jon Cole

June 20  Ava takes RWB under Charlote Clem-McGowan

June 19  Ava Takes WB, BOW, BOS under judge Roberta Campbell

June 18 Ava Takes WB. BOS under judge Lisa Graser

June 6 Ava takes RWB under Mary Anne Brocious

May 22 Chanel takes WB under judge Heather Herron

April 26 Ava takes RWB  (CKC)

April 25 Ava takes RWB (CKC)

April 24 Ava takes WB (CKC)

March 29 Ava takes WB (CKC)  under Walter Pinsker

March 28 Ava takes WB ( CKC) under judge Cec Ringstom

March 27 Ava takes RWB under Butch MacDonald ( CKC)

Feb 21  Sam Adams takes WD, BOW for a 4 pt major  at Chicago under Phyllis Wolfish

Feb 20 Sam Adams takes WD  ( major broke) at Chicago under Lester Mapes

Feb 19  Sam Adams took WD (major broke) at Chicago under Virginia Lyne

Feb 16 Ava takes RWB ( CKC) under Stephen Dainard

Feb 14 Ava takes WB, BOW under James Reynolds CKC

Feb 13 Ava takes RWB under Rita Walker

January 25  Sam takes RWD to a major under

Jan. 24 Sam takes RWD to a major under Anitra Cuneo

Jan. 10 Sam Takes RWD under Thomas Kilcullen




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